Confessions · Pantyhose


Last week, in my sea of Election-induced depression, I let someone talk me into a Juice Cleanse. After two days of crying and binge eating everything in my sight, a Juice Cleanse felt like the right thing.

Today, after my first juice, I realize I was in no state to make any decision – let alone a FOOD related decision (obviously the most important).


  • For three days, I’ll drink three cold-pressed juices a day. They have been selected based on recommendations from various blogs and Google searches. The main criteria was lots of veggies/greens and few fruits. According to someone somewhere, you should stick to a 80/20 ratio of veggies to fruit. Which basically means this cleanse will not only starve you, but will taste bad while it happens. Yay!!
  • Aside from my vomit-inducing juice, I will also snack on some raw veggies for snack.
  • For dinner, I’ll eat something lean and vegetarian. Probably  soup (no cream and limited ingredients) and roasted vegetables.


DISCLAIMER: This is a diet I made up completely so please do not tell me how nutritionally senseless this is… I am completely aware, thanks. ONWARD AND UPWARD MY FRIENDS!! 

Over the three excruciating days, I will most likely be very grumpy, very lethargic and urgently in need of a bathroom. I selected three days because that’s what some websites told me to do. Also I think three-days of commitment is pretty much all I can muster at this moment, let alone after the Juice Cleanse apathy kicks-in.

JOIN ME: I’ll be keeping a log of my journey and invite you to Juice for Joy with me. Maybe we will be toxin free and back to the optimistic little kittens we were on Nov. 7! Maybe we will just be hangry, temporarily-slimmer, wild animals.

Here’s to finding out!!


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