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Finding the Space for Personal Growth

Personal change needs space to happen.

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Plight of Pantyhose – UPDATED

Update: I recently received an email from a young female who read this blog and had practical questions about office wardrobe. I wrote her back, offering advice and observations from my own experience. In doing so, I realized my recommendations conflicted with this original post. How can I advise someone of hard-and-fast wardrobe rules and also think there… Continue reading Plight of Pantyhose – UPDATED

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Save your money: There is no deal in Cheap Management

Warning: Not all managers are created equal. I realized this as I sat across the table from mine – sizing him up. I was looking at him like he was a product on a shelf, which he basically was, as he spilled out corporate jargon about how he stood with the company [even though it… Continue reading Save your money: There is no deal in Cheap Management